A running injury clinic

Research shows 50% of runners will experience an injury every year. Our mission is to assist runners and walkers in reaching their personal goals through a comprehensive injury prevention and rehabilitation program. Whether you are a novice runner or walker or a seasoned race veteran, our 3D Gait analysis will provide objective and scientific data regarding your running or walking style. What is gait analysis? It’s the study and evaluation of human movement during walking or running. We use a sophisticated software system with integrated cameras to gather data about all aspects of our client’s movement patterns. This can include stride characteristics, angular relationships of lower body segments, velocity and acceleration of these lower body segments, and comparative analysis against the world’s largest database of biomechanical walking and running information. This information provides insight into a runner’s injury risk and problems that lead to injury. To learn more, please visit our about page. To schedule your 3D Gait analysis, please contact us.